The HEROES Project


The Honesty & Ethics Research on Everyday Schooling (HEROES) Project is a research project based in the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) that aims to investigate students' everyday experiences in high school and understand the role of social influences on academic integrity and cheating.


The HEROES project has three main goals: 

(1) Advance knowledge of how students make decisions about honesty and ethics in everyday academic settings.

(2) Provide students in San Diego County with the opportunity to gain experience and contribute to real university research. 

(3) Use our findings to help schools better understand their students, improve academic integrity, and provide support for students to help them avoid cheating.

"A lot of my teachers talked to me about how this research is necessary, relevant, and it will help a lot in the future. ... I think the HEROES project will greatly help schools to better address cheating and for students' concerns to be heard as well (rather than cheating being stigmatized)."

-HEROES intern

"[The project] really opened my eyes to what goes on in my school and allowed me to interact in my classrooms through a different lens. This process also made me feel like I was contributing to something bigger than myself"

-HEROES intern

UC San Diego Geisel Library 

Downtown La Jolla


This project is sponsored by the National Science Foundation under an SPRF program (NSF SPRF-FR# 2104610) and is in collaboration with the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). We are also affiliated with the University of California, Santa Cruz Developmental Moral Psychology Lab and Academic Orientations Project


To learn more about the HEROES Project or get in touch with us, check out our Contact Us page.

To see a visual about our project, take a look at a poster we presented at the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science (SIPS) Conference.

Current HEROES interns can use the For Interns page to access information and resources for your ongoing project. 

For more background and information about academic integrity research, visit the Resources page.